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Asthma is a serious lung disorder that affects both children and adults. It is the condition developed when the bronchial tubes, also known as airways, which transmit air in and out of the lungs are inflamed due to certain factors. It comes in the form of episodes with the early attacks happening with certain warning signs and symptoms.

Asthma symptoms

The asthma symptoms may vary from person to person, as well as depending on the severity of the condition. At first, they may not seem to be associated with asthma, but once triggered by certain elements the person is allergic to like dust mites, pollens, pet dander and other irritants, dangerous signs and symptoms will start to occur. The symptoms of asthma may start to appear from 24 to 48 hours before the first episode.

If you have a child who is suffering from asthma, you can see a variation of the symptoms. Typically, during the early stage of the attack, your child may experience sorts of itching on his or her chin. You may also notice the occurrence of mild cough during the night, as well as the attack of sore throat, watery and itchy eyes, runny and congested nose, and change in mood, headache, sneezing, restlessness, and fever, to mention but a few. As mentioned earlier, these early symptoms of asthma will occur once triggered by certain factors such as allergens and other irritants. And, whether you believe or not, children of all ages can develop these symptoms especially if they were born with weak lungs.

Childs asthma symptoms

The early asthma symptoms in children are also similar to that of adults. The main difference, however, lies in the fact that the adult’s asthma symptoms are caused by non-allergic elements, including pollutants, perfumes, and certain mild disorders like the gastroesophageal reflux. Those who may suffer from the signs are those ageing from 40 up, and medically, this condition is named as the symptoms of intrinsic asthma.

Although the early symptoms of asthma are mild, note that they can get intense and may put a person into a difficult and risky situation if not treated immediately. As far as I know, asthmatics who may suffer from a more serious attack may develop bluish or grey nails and lips, fast pulse or heartbeat, flare nostrils and sucking skin between the breastbone and ribs when breathing. They may even encounter problems with talking as most chronic patients cant. speak in whole sentences. Also, people suffering from chronic asthma may even have trouble with walking. They can’t stand and walk straight. Once these symptoms of acute asthma occur, expect the condition to be out of control. So to save the person suffering from them, there’s nothing best you can do than to call for a medical emergency.

Knowing and learning everything about the asthma symptoms is very much important as it can help you prevent the attack whenever it acts to rise. Yes, it will allow you to take the most significant preventative measures before the situation worsens. However, since the symptoms may vary according to the severity of the condition, every concerned patient needs to exert enough attention or just be alert when it comes to identifying the signs and symptoms of the condition. You may see the first signs are something that is not related to asthma, but as the condition continues, you will realize that it would always be best to ask for help in case you are not sure about it. After all, asthma is a condition that can be life-threatening. Yes, it’s no big joke.

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