berries bowl with yogurt on a diet

Many people struggle with diets. It is a real challenge. Here are 2 success stories! These 2 methods of dieting have helped friends lose weight. Hopefully, they can help you reach your goal too!

Diet Method 1 – Eating Half

One friend lost about 5 sizes in ~ 6 months by just cutting her original portions in half. She basically eats the same things – just half of it. Now, she was eating *a lot* originally. And she was (and is) going to a doctor to monitor her health. Yet, that is the easiest diet. If she goes out to eat, expect her to take food home .. because half the meal ends up in a to-go container. She doesn’t order dessert often – but she still has it. I’ve been really impressed and excited about her progress!

Diet Method 2 – Being Aware of What You Are Eating

One friend lost over 40 pounds in 2 months by simply being aware of how her body reacted to food, only eating when hungry and moderating portions. She says she asks her body about every food before she eats it. Her method is to use a method chiropractors sometimes use before eating anything.   It’s called muscle testing.  This is how she does it:

Become as neutral as you can be.  Hold food in your hand.  (It can help if your eyes are closed and a friend hands random foods to you in the beginning.)   See if your body likes it by leaning forward – or doesn’t like it by leaning back. It sounds kind of funky — but it worked for her — and it is free to try. 

I assume part of this technique works just because you need to be aware of what you are eating and how much.  Also, you consciously “know” at least to what extent what foods are good for you.  If you feel bad after eating something, eating it less often seems really reasonable.  She just tries to get her body to tell her that. So, try these methods at your own risk.  Yet, know they worked for 2 friends who are delighted at their results!

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