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Toenail fungus one of the most uncomfortable conditions you can imagine of. If you were thinking that coconut oil could potentially be effective for treating toenail fungus, then you are correct this is why I call it coconut oil toenail fungus killer.

Why people get toenail fungus?

Coconut oil possesses a large number of unique properties and characteristics that make it an effective health remedy. I have also recently discovered, though, that it is somewhat of a miracle cure for toenail fungus as well. If you are suffering from unsightly toenail fungus, give coconut oil a try.

Toenail fungus can affect anyone. Toenail fungal infections typically caused by a dermatophyte fungus. Yeasts and moulds also can be responsible for most fungal nail infections. Some factors can make you more exposed to nail fungus. These factors include:

  • Suffering from athlete’s foot can cause fungal nail infection.
  • Skin injuries mostly minor or a skin condition, such as psoriasis can also cause fungal nail infection.
  • Walking barefoot in damp areas such as shower rooms, gyms, swimming pools and other moist areas may expose you to fungi.
  • Having health conditions like a weakened immune system, down syndrome, circulations problems, diabetes, and other medical conditions.
  • Old age, owing to more years of exposure to fungi, reduced blood flow and slower growing nails.
  • The family history of fungal nail infection. This may be a reason you have the fungal infection.
  • Working in a humid or moist environment or in a job where your nails are often wet. For example, tasks like housekeeping may make your nails stay wet for a longer time, and you may get fungi infection.
  • Wearing socks and shoes that have poor ventilation and don’t absorb perspiration.

How do you know that you have toenail fungi?

Watch for symptoms like thickened toenails. Also, brittle, crumbly or broken toenails may be an indicator of fungal infection in your nails. Moreover, infected toenails may be dull, distorted in shape, and may have a foul smell.

Some people consider toenail fungus a hard condition to cure. I hope you are not one of them. Many of the over-the-counter remedies may be ineffective at best, and many researchers even debate the efficacy of natural treatments. The anecdotal evidence has proven that coconut oil is an effective treatment for toenail fungus!

If you have tried a string of other toenail fungal treatments with no luck then perhaps coconut oil is the next treatment you should try. It will work well for you.

Fungus infection treatment – coconut oil

Depending on how advanced the fungal nail infection is, healing will depend on the length and process of the treatment. If you have identified the signs of fungal nail infection at an early stage, chances are you will treat the infection in a very short time.

Coconut oil is known for the cure of fungal nail infection because it has antifungal properties. The antifungal acids make coconut oil an effective remedy for nail fungus. These acids moisturize your nails and cuticles. This way, you will have those healthy-looking nails you have been looking for.

Coconut oil has the following components that make it an ideal choice for you as toenail fungus remedy:

  • It has an antifungal property that helps to fight against the fungal action on your nails and cuticles.
  • Coconut oil is has a high quantity of medium-chain fatty acids that helps to work as natural fungicides.
  • It contains lauric acid. It has strong anti-fungal properties. It works best in curing an existing infection as well as preventing a new fungal infection on your nails.
  • Coconut oil has many essential nutrients that strengthen your nails and cuticles. This prevents a further fungal infection from your nails.

As explained above, coconut oil is an excellent choice in curing toenail fungal infection. Give it a try and do away with fungal infections in your nails.

Now you are sure that coconut oil is an excellent option in dealing with toenail fungus. The big question is, how do you use coconut oil in the treatment of nail fungus?

Don`t worry, here is how to do it.

  • Wash your feet and dry them well.
  • Warm-up some coconut oil. Simply, place a jar of coconut oil into a bowl with very hot water and allow the coconut oil to melt.
  • Then, massage the warm coconut oil into the infected nails 3 to 6 times a day. Keep the infected nails continually covered with the oil. That is the only secret for the best results.
  • Be consistent and include it in your daily to-do list. Within a month, you will observe a significant change in your nails.

If you had lost a nail due to fungal infection, don’t worry. I was once a victim, but I overcame the condition. Keep the skin and the new nail covered with coconut oil. Just because a new nail is coming, though, doesn`t mean that it is free from fungal infection.

Toenail fungus can be a recurrent condition. If after treating the nail infections and then finding in 3-6 months another one has begun, then you are fighting with recurrent infection. The most likely condition you are dealing with maybe a Candida infection. The best option to treat this problem is by consulting a practitioner or Doctor. You can also treat it by going on a coconut oil detox.


Coconut oil can be used in combination with other oils like clove oil, tea tree oil, and cinnamon oil. Whether you are using coconut oil alone, or in combination with other oils, ensure consistency. Make daily application of this ointment to your nails. With time, you will achieve the desired goals.

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