“Dalmatian” Porcellio Scaber $1 Each Isopod by Sinful Scales LLC (2023)

If interested in an animal, please contact us immediately to inquire about your order, as animals available are on a first come, first serve basis. You can contact me at [emailprotected] Be sure to include the ID for the animal(s) you're interested in.


Potential buyers inquiring about the purchase of a gecko(s) must be 18 years or older without exceptions. We primarily conduct business through the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, we can also be reached and do business through our Morph Market or website. This is done to validate the proper identification of a potential buyer to ensure authenticity. Sinful Scales reserves the right to deny a potential buyer for any reason without explanation. If, for any reason, a buyer has a negative interaction/transaction they are required to communicate with us prior to posting on any FBI/BOI sites so that Sinful Scales has the opportunity to rectify the situation. The reptiles(s) pricing does not include shipping unless otherwise stated. If you are using an image that was photographed by Sinful Scales always credit us in the description.

Gecko Characteristics:

Geckos are listed for sale with all the information provided and to the best of the knowledge of Sinful Scales. Gecko pictures are photographed in a light box as well as natural light. The colors and characteristics portrayed at the time of the picture are discussed in the reptiles(s) description. WE DO NOT COLOR ALTER ANY GECKO PICTURES. However, we can not guarantee colors or characteristics as the gecko(s) matures because geckos can change significantly between grams. We feel as though our pictures are the highest representation of the animals quality and are more than willing to provide additional pictures to validate a gecko's quality. We also do not guarantee sex unless obviously stated Male or Female. Pores seen, no pores seen, probable male, and probable female are just observations at the time of photographing and in no way guarantee the sex of the animal(s). Additionally, we can not attest to the “personality” of a gecko(s). We handle our geckos everyday and try to assimilate them to human interaction. That being said, they are also reptiles and fluctuate their “moods”.


All reptiles are sold on a first come first serve basis. In order to put an animal on hold a 25% non-refundable deposit must be made. Once a gecko is put on hold it will be marked as “On Hold” and will be taken off the market. After a gecko is put on hold a payment/plan must be discussed within 48hrs of the hold time. In the unlikely event that the buyer fails to communicate their payment plans during this time the 25% deposit is forfeited and the animal will be re-listed.

Payment Plan:

At this time we accept (F&F) PayPal, Cash-app, Zelle, and Venmo via internet sales and Cash via Local sales. Payment plans and holds are on a case by case basis. As a general rule we will require a 25% non-refundable and non transferable deposit that goes towards your new reptile. Payment plans will be on a 14 to 30 day plan depending on price. We also will discuss a payment plan time frame as to when we should expect the animal to be paid off and when we should expect payments to be made. At that point the said gecko(s) will be removed from the market. We are very reasonable and down to earth people please always maintain honest communication and we can find a way to work it out. We understand things happen but at some point a line must be drawn. Once payments have started if at anytime the purchaser halts payments without communication all payments prior are forfeited and will not be refunded. If there are multiple accounts of missed payments or inconsistent payments with lack of communication the purchaser will be given an option to pay off the invoice at that time if not the sale will be canceled and all prior payments are forfeited; this is a severe case and a last resort for us. If you decide you want a different gecko your initial deposit is forfeited. But your other payments can be used towards the new gecko. At that time a new payment plan outline will be made and agreed upon. It is your responsibility to maintain contact with us. Once all payments have been completed and have cleared the reptile will be shipped at the next available shipping date.
Payment plans are welcome on orders over $200 with at least 25% *NON-REFUNDABLE* Deposit to hold the animal. You then have 30 days to pay the remaining balance of the purchase, unless discussed otherwise to give a longer time frame to be able to give the remaining balance prior to starting the hold. Please note that deposits are non refundable but may be applied to another reptile of your choice. If, after 45 days, you lapse on your payment plan then all deposits are forfeited. If you have a special circumstance please contact us and we will try to work out an arrangement. If we, Sinful Scales, cannot fulfill the order, all monies will be returned including the deposit.


Currently, Sinful Scales ONLY ships to the contiguous 48 United States. Shipping will be conducted Monday-Wednesday (no exceptions) Overnight Priority via Shipyourreptiles. Thus, reptiles will arrive between Tues-Thurs. Shipping is not included in the listed gecko(s) pricing unless otherwise stated. Shipping cost will be at the buyers expense. We ship at our own discretion when the weather is appropriate. Shipments will only be made when temperatures are between 35-85 degrees at the seller, buyer, and intermediary hub locations (daytime and nighttime highs and lows are also taken into account). Weather depending we will use the appropriate shipping heat or cold pack. Also, depending on the buyers location we can ship to your address or to an approved FedEx hub. However, We prefer a FedEx hub as it is safer for the reptile(s) well being and temperature controlled. If you decided to opt out of that against our recommendations we are not held liable for any animals that may perish and we will not give any refunds. If temperatures are too high or too cold at a certain location we do not want them to ride around in a van or have the potential to sit outside. Please understand we know it may be inconvenient but the safety of our stock is our priority until they are in your hands. We are also not held liable if there are any shipping delays. It’s an unfortunate circumstance and we recommend using the shipping insurance that most shipping companies offer. Your reptiles must be retrieved immediately if they are not and they have to wait for your pick up or they are left unattended outside the live arrival is null and void! Most residential shipments are delivered by 10:30 am. Pick up at FedEx locations start at 8am - 9 am usually. However, it is possible a gecko(s) can arrive as late as 4:30pm. This, the buyer must set aside an entire day for the arrival of the animal(s). If the buyer is unable to do so the Live Arrival Guarantee is tendered null and void. ALWAYS message us as soon as you pickup/receive your reptile. We love these animals and stress about their well being.

We ship most orders via FedEx with Ship Your Reptiles. Shipping charges are $55 flat rate for most orders. (multiple animals can be sent in one shipment depending on size of animals) All orders over $1000 ship for free. We only ship Monday thru Wednesday. Shipping is weather dependent of a daytime high below 90 and a night time low of above 40. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment or pick up of the animal(s).

If a reptile(s) is paid off and can not be shipped due to shipping window closure or inappropriate weather temperatures the animal(s) will be held until proper shipping temperatures as determined by the seller at no additional expenses to the buyer.

Shipping can be quite stressful for reptiles and sometimes geckos will throw their tail. This is a very common occurrence and does not diminish the quality or health of the gecko. If a gecko(s) loses its tail during shipment or upon your purchase there will be no refunds/returns.

Live Arrival Guarantee (LOA):

In the extremely rare case an animal perishes during shipment we will require proof at our discretion which can include but not limited to pictures, videos and/or physical proof. Do not dispose of body! If the body is disposed of before we can reach a determination we cannot offer a credit or replacement. Once it’s determined the reptile(s) perished due to matters out of the purchasers control and all shipping instructions were followed we will then discuss a refund in the form of store credit or a replacement. We do not offer cash refunds. Once the animal(s)purchased are in the hands of the new owner I can not guarantee the health(sickness or accident) of the animals(s) and anything pertaining to the reptile(s) become the sole responsibility of the buyer. Sinful Scales Live Arrival Guarantee does not cover shipping delays. It’s an unfortunate circumstance and we recommend using the shipping insurance that most shipping companies offer.
Someone must be present at the designated shipping address for the FIRST delivery attempt. If no one is present at the designated shipping address at the designated delivery time, the live arrival guarantee is void. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any sort of damages incurred as a result of an incorrect address or delays on the behalf of the carrier.

***Disclaimer: This TOS is null and void if a animal(s) is not purchased and shipped by SS***

Lastly, all knowledge given about our reptiles is true to the best of our knowledge. At any request we will provide a purchaser with lineage info and pictures of parents or relatives if we have it. We pride ourselves on quality first but honesty is our policy. Thank you to all who support our dream.

Purchase of a reptile indicated buyers agree to Sinful Scales Terms and Conditions for live animal sales.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policyspecifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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