all tours & activities in Ottawa (2023)

all tours & activities in Ottawa (1)

Ottawa Boat Cruise - Rideau Canal Cruise


Duration: 2 hours

The most unique way to discover Ottawa is on board the world's-largest, certified, 100%-electric, passenger vessel.You will sail for 90 minutes on the iconic Rideau Canal and have a novel view of downtown Ottawa! The National Arts Centre, Lansdowne Park, Dow’s Lake, and many more scenic views await you! You will discover more with the live bilingual commentary and the free audio guide application. Come to 2 Rideau Street for your tickets, just across the street from Parliament Hill. The schedule is mid-May to mid-October, 6 departures per day, 7 days a week.

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Ottawa Boat Cruise - Paul's Boat Line


Duration: 2 hours

Our Ottawa River tour offers the finest views along the Ottawa River. This 1 1/2 hour tour is the most thorough tour available on the water. Departures from the Hull Marina in Jacques Cartier Park, and the Ottawa Dock at the foot of the Ottawa Locks. Both tours have live bilingual commentaries.

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2-Hour Ottawa Express City Bike Tour


Duration: 2 hours

Join our small-group, fun and leisurely bike tour that shows you the best of Ottawa in less time. Pedal your way around with our super comfortable bikes on scenic and safe waterfront bicycle pathways and on backroads of quaint neighbourhoods. Ebike add on is available upon request!

We will stop about 6-7 times to see some of the city’s stunning look outs, hidden gems and must-see landmarks and attractions including Rideau Canal, Rideau Hall, the National War Memorial and Byward market while our fun and friendly local guides will tell you stories at each stop about history, local culture and life in Ottawa!

You will be amazed by how much you will see and learn and how many pictures you snap in just 2 hours. Suitable for all ages, this biking experience is ideal for easy-going bicyclists and families who want to see more of Ottawa in less time and also get lots of local tips about what to do and see in Ottawa!

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Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa


Duration: 2 hours

Experience the 90-minute walking tour of Ottawa that has been captivating visitors and locals alike for more than 20 years. The Original Haunted Walk is led by the best of local storytellers, dramatists, and amateur historians, sharing some of the most hair-raising and spine-chilling real-life ghost stories from the area. Follow along as they lead the way by lantern light to their favorite haunted spots.

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Ottawa Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour


Duration: 2 hours

Perfect for first-time visitors, this city tour is a well-rounded introduction to Ottawa's attractions, leaving you with time in the day free to explore the city on your own.

Canadian War Museum Admission


Duration: 3 hours

The iconic Canadian War Museum is a must-see destination for anyone interested in the cost of conflict and humankind’s enduring desire for peace. The Museum, which ranked number 1 on TripAdvisor’s list of Things to Do in Ottawa, explores Canadian military history from early wars in Canada to contemporary conflicts. It features unique architecture, a display of large military artillery, thought-provoking exhibitions, moving personal stories of Canadians in times of war, priceless works of art, and spaces for quiet reflection and remembrance.

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Ottawa Highlights 3.5 Hour Bike Tour


Duration: 4 hours

Discover Ottawa's major attractions, must-see spots and hidden gems on this guided, 3-3.5 hourbike tour which is about 20-24 kilometers (13-15 miles) on safe bicycle paths. Ebike add on is available upon request! Cycle throughRideau Canal and Lansdowne Park, Old Ottawa South neighbourhood, Arboretum, Dow's Lake/Little Italy, War Museum, and much more. Thetourincludes a stop for a snack at a local cafe. It's ideal for families, visitors with limited time or those who want to discover beyond Downtown core.

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Self-Guided Biking in Ottawa-Gatineau


Duration: 2 hours - 4 hours

We will give you a lightweight hybrid city bike, helmet, lock and map and send you off to a fun journey to explore Ottawa-Gatineau region all on safe and scenic bicycle paths away from traffic. Our maps are full cusotmizable to your interests.

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Ultimate Ottawa Tour


Duration: 4 hours

Your See Sight Tours Guide will greet you at your downtown Ottawa accommodations and begin your fully guided tour in the comfort and style of one of our vans.

To begin your tour you will take a driving tour through Rockcliffe Park. Get the exclusive opportunity to check out some sights most tourists won’t get to see.

Your next stop will be to board a relaxing Rideau Canal Cruise for a relaxing view of the city from the Ottawa River passing over 50 points of interest including the magnificent Rideau Falls.

Next, you will enjoy a narrated drive passing iconic attractions such as the Parliament Buildings and make stops outside the Supreme Court and Canadian Museum of History.

To complete your tour your guide will take you to Parliament Hill - home of the Parliament of Canada. Here you will get the opportunity to learn about the rich nation's history on a self-guided walking tour of the grounds.

At the end of your tour, your guide will take you back to your Downtown Ottawa hotel.

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Oh Canada Eh?! Dinner Musical


Duration: 2 hours

This high-energy, family friendly production features over 70 songs from all-Canadian artists including music from Paul Anka, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, the Bare Naked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber and many, MANY more. While you're enjoying the show, our performers serve our famous, all-Canadian meal.

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City Beers: Bus Tour of Ottawa Breweries


Duration: 4 hours

The City Beers bus tour will guide you to 3 or more Ottawa craft breweries, going behind the scenes in this beer loving city. Although locations vary, packages provide immersive tours at each location, all sampling fees, and some food. For a safe and memorable experience, your guides always provide free bottles of water and tasting notes cards so you can track your tastings. These trips are a beer lover's dream, but everyone can enjoy them. Great beer is the glue that ties learning and drinking together!

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Cycling the Nation's Capital, self-guided


Duration: 4 hours

• Why self-guided on two wheels?

You set your own time, pace and route (10am - 6pm everyday).

The pathway system starts on our Rideau Canal doorstep. There are no roads or traffic to negotiate to enjoy the parklands and waterways. SeeRideau Canal, Rideau Falls, Hog's Back Falls, Arboretum, Central Farm, Rideau, Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers

Our community is safe and helpful to visitors.

Easy to navigate pathways follow the 4 major waterways.

Light, easy Giant models in five sizes expertly fitted. Electric assist upgrade available.

Our personal directions and map are guaranteed.

IT COSTS LESS with no guide to arrange!

• Duration: up to 4 hours, 15km -25km

all tours & activities in Ottawa (13)


Duration: 3 hours

This tour is a perfect blend of biking through Ottawa’s beautiful waterfront pathways and green scenery, visiting some of the city’s trendiest and vibrant neighbourhoods and stopping to capture some of the street and public arts. Ebike add-on is available upon request!

Biking beyond Ottawa’s downtown on our super comfortable bikes, you'll truly experience nature in the heart of the city as we take you through Dows’ Lake, the lush green spaces of the Arboretum trees and experimental farm.

Get a sense of local life and culture as our storyteller guides bike with you through quaint streets of Centretown, the Glebe, Little Italy, and Hintonburg neighbourhoods and show you some of the most interesting buildings, street arts and local eateries and shops. This tour is refreshing and fun and will satisfy your curiosity about locals and beyond the touristic scene of Ottawa!

all tours & activities in Ottawa (14)

Ottawa Spring Tulip Festival Bike Tour


Duration: 3 hours

On this 3-hour guided bike tour of Ottawa, visit the capital's renown Tulip Festival, a special annual event available in May. Enjoy Commissioners Park, home to the Ottawa's most dazzling festival display and learn about the festival history from your fun guide. Follow the winding pathways with your local guide through the explosion of color in gardens filled with over 300,000 tulips. There will be 30-40 minutes stop at the Major Tulip festival site along with visiting some other tulip sites and must-see attractions in Ottawa.

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Ottawa Landmarks


Duration: 2 hours

Since 1976, we have offered the best for visitors to the Nation's Capital. Our guides are experienced, professional and fun. Our Giant bicycles and helmets are new every year. Please ask for an Ebike upgrade. Many lovely sights, some unique history and always an anecdote about our community and inhabitants to raise a smile.
It is special because we use only pathways. There is no traffic or roads to traverse.

all tours & activities in Ottawa (16)

Ottawa-Gatineau Getaway


Duration: an hour

Since 1976, we have offered the best for visitors to the Nation's Capital. Our guides are experienced, professional and fun. Our Giant bicycles and helmets are new every year. Please ask for an Ebike upgrade. Many lovely sights, some unique history and always an anecdote about our community and inhabitants to raise a smile.
It is special because we use only pathways. There is no traffic or roads to traverse.

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Ottawa Street Art: City Exploration Game


Duration: an hour - an hour

Discover Ottawa’s street art by following clues and solving puzzles on your phone, which lead to new places and amazing stories. Play our engaging exploration game, reenacting the role of EgoNibi, a legendary street artist from Tunam.

As you solve challenges, the story unfolds and exact directions on your phone will guide you to the next location. Up for a fun challenge?

Highlights include:

• Explore Ottawa Mural, Rideau Mural and other lesser-known places.
• Enjoy a uniquely crafted story brought to you by our top-notch writers.
• Learn about the fascinating story of the largest murals in Eastern Ontario.
• Try a new type of experience, the perfect mix between a tour, outdoor escape game, and treasure hunt.

After your booking you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and play the game on your phone. We recommend that each user purchases a ticket for an optimal experience, although several people can share a phone.

all tours & activities in Ottawa (18)

Ottawa Self-Guided Audio Tour


Duration: an hour - 6 hours

Short and highly selective information in the audio commentary for top 12 tourist attractions in around Ottawa

Highlights of this Self-Guided Audio Tour

• It allows you to go as per your own convenience of time, pace and location.

• Simply use our personally created itinerary which starts from main train station of the city then gradually moves one by one (if required).

• Not necessary to download any location tracking apps. It can be listened online in any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.)

• Available in multiple languages, you can choose the one you’re most comfortable with (should be selected at the time of booking)

• It is one of the best options with lowest price for travelers who prefer flexibility on their tour.

• If you have any questions about any attractions, No worries, we will answer in your language instantly.


all tours & activities in Ottawa (19)

Private Arrival Transfer from Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Airport YOW


Duration: 25 minutes

Skip the stress and confusion of finding a taxi upon arrival at the Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. Instead, book this private airport transfer service and enjoy convenient, reliable, comfortable private transportation from the airport to your hotel in Ottawa.

all tours & activities in Ottawa (20)

Ottawa's Pioneering Days: A Self-Guided Audio Tour


Duration: 30 minutes - an hour

Starting where Ottawa began, this self guided audio tour will take you to the very best city viewpoint. Beginning back when there was nothing here but forest, you will see where and hear how Ottawa began and gain a pretty good feeling for the circumstances, events and leaders that shaped the city in its earliest days. Most everything you see as you walk is explained. The tour ends in the most famous market in town, where you will find lots to see and great places to refresh yourself. Take in gorgeous views of the Ottawa River. Find out about the indigenous people who inhabited the area for thousands of years. Learn about the famous locks of Ottawa. Finally end the tour in the bustling Byward Market. Along the way, discover the stories of the pioneering characters who have shaped the captivating history of Ottawa.

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